Directory of Web Content Services

We have put together some of our most trusted web content services. These companies are a bit special to us. Each service, or software app, in this list provides features which, in some in some aspect, are essential to all website owners. This page provides services all website owner need, to create great web content, to hold the attention of visitors, and to get them coming back for more!

1. Buying a Domain

We have often used Godaddy, to register our websites. It is the largest Domain Registrar of them all, and we have not experienced any problems.

However, when starting out Goddady’s website can be daunting. That’s because it is highly optimised to get you to buy as much as possible. You will be offered all sorts of domain registration add-ons, and may become confused about what it is you truly do need. Many novices end up buying their web hosting on Godaddy as well, while it is very good, is not the best for flexibility of the service, nor is it as compatible with some important web-applications, as some other (cheaper) hosting.

Look carefully at their offers. Often the price which is shown by Godaddy is, a low price for the first subscription period only. Check when comparing costs with other services that you are checking like with like, and since you may hold a successful website with your registrar for many years, do look at the renewal price carefully.

When first visiting Godaddy, you may gain the impression that it is necessary to buy your webhosting from them as well. You can do so, but it is not necessary as once any domain name has been registered it is virtually no different, and actually quite simple, setting your domain up on any server.

Our preference for domain registrations is NameCheap. Their website is much simpler to navigate. You are less likely to buy services you don’y need, because there is less of the “hard-sell”, and their prices are highly competitive.

2. Website Hosting

“Everything You Need To Build, Host and Manage Your Own Private Blog Network” is the name, and for once it matches reality. We use Easy Blog Networks.

3. WordPress Theme With Advanced Page Builder

We know that you like WordPress to build websites. That’s why you arrived here in the first place!  We use a great WordPress Theme which comes with its own totally customizable page builder. It is the one which we used to build this very website! It is called Profit Builder, and can be used to build amazing websites. With this software all you need is your imagination and you can build that web page. We’ve been doing it without any coding in computer language either.

4. PLR Service

If you’ve never heard the term PLR before, this one will have you puzzled. PLR (Private Label Rights) is the term used for website content and products which have already been created, and are sold for you the website owner, to put your company name to, and start selling as your own. PLR is often called a business in a box, because it is always digital content, and each PLR package is a complete product, plus sales materials/ creatives, for the buyer to rename and sell online.

Although, it is always best to change these products substantially which does take some work to do, this is still a massive shortcut. Using PLR content for your website, hugely reduces the work needed to create niche websites in profitable niches. The niches chosen will have already been researched for you by the seller of these materials. That alone is a great help, especially when people are first starting.

The disadvantage is that you will not be the only person to have that digital product, far from it. However, it is usually not difficult to repackage the materials, with a little bit of imagination, to match your own ideas yo your particular ideas of what will appeal to the market. Our favourite is IDPlr.