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Email Marketing

Imagine having a customer-base that you could reach by simply opening your window and screaming out of it… well, that is email marketing in a nutshell.

Email marketing is the process by which a user sends out emails to a distribution list that includes subscribers that opted-in to receive such email from you.

Think about that for a second. Somebody actually took a couple of seconds out of their time to give you their email address and then click on the confirmation link to hear more about what you have to say – this reason alone is why email marketing is one of the most effective and oldest forms of marketing (in Internet years).

How To Start An Email List

1. Have something to sell or promote – Whether you have a blog, a store, or some sort of service, your email list will ultimately relate to whatever the subject of that entity is.

2. Gain Subscribers – Getting subscribers to opt into your list is a hard and easy task at the same time. While the more subscribers the better, making sure that the quality of these subscribers remain intact is often more important than the size of your list.

Some ways to build up your subscriber base include: adding a form to your website, automatically adding users to your list once they make a purchase, and offering free stuff or discounts to users who sign up to your list.

3. Create a structured distribution plan – Unlike social networking, generally subscribers join your list because they want to hear more about what you have to sell. More than not being a pushing salesman, a consistent posting plan is important when running an email list.

If you send out email here and there, then you will lose familiarity with the subscriber and your email will find the trash easier than before.

4. Determine the content – Obviously, the list was created for a reason – to promote something. Sign up to email lists of your favorite sites and see what kind of content they push out.

You’ll notice that blogs generally send out emails of their most popular posts and features, while online stores will often send out pictures and highlights of recommended products.

How To Build Trust With Customers In Your Email List

From Visually.

Determine first why somebody would sign up for your list and respond to that with your content.

5. Request feedback – Research has shown the subscribers generally don’t last for more than 6 months to an email list. This means that you list is constantly evolving. Demands change, so why shouldn’t you expect the same from your list?

A couple of times a year send out a feedback form to your list with some targeted questions. That way you know exactly what your list is looking for and your conversion rates go up higher.

6. Track and react – Analytics are important to every aspect of web marketing; however, it seems to ring most in email marketing. This is mainly because you can see exactly why people are unsubscribing or if somebody has posted a compliant about your email.

Be sure to constantly track your analytics within your email list manager and see what how subscribers react.

In the end, make sure to stay consistent, it is amazing how touchy people get with their inbox. If they are familiar with your content and accept what it has to offer then content won’t seem like spam material to them.

MailChimp offers a free service for email lists under 1,000 subscribers.

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