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How to add WordPress Plugins

How to add WordPress Plugins

July 16, 2016 @ 12:59 am
by webtrainz1

Plugins are add-ons to your WordPress that allow you to add features to your WordPress build that do not come with the software out of the box. There are literally thousands of plugins that allow you to do almost anything you want with your website.

To add WordPress Plugins, follow the following three steps:

1. To install a plugin click on the Add New link under the Plugins section of the sidebar in the WordPress admin panel.

2. Next search for your plugin. Either put in the actual name of the plugin you are looking for or keywords for the feature you want.

3. Find the plugin you want through the search results and click Install Now.

4. Once your plugin is installed, options for your plugin are generally added under the Settings section of the sidebar in the WordPress admin panel. Depending on your plugin, the options page may be added elsewhere (i.e. under Tools or within its own section).

See more tutorials in the WordPress Handbook.

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