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How to Manage Menus in WordPress

How to Manage Menus in WordPress

July 16, 2016 @ 1:01 am
by webtrainz1

Even if you have never built a website before, you will need to know how to manage menus in WordPress.

The ability to create Menus in WordPress was introduced in version 3.0. Using the Menus feature which is accessed via the “Appearance” menu in the WP admin area, make it easy to add/edit/remove a group of links without having to dive into the actual code.

All you need to know is how to manage menus in WordPress, and straight away you have the ability to organise the content of your website for your visitors to find the information they are seeking, and that’s what we explain here:

Menus can be added as widgets or built into the design, such as the navigation bar. No longer is it required to edit the code to change links in the navigation bar. Now you just need to edit that specific menu.

Not only that, you can both create menus which can be displayed in two alternative ways. First, you will normally use the (one or more) built in menu locations provided by your theme, and assign the menu you create to appear in those theme locations. Second, you can give additional Menus names, and create and save them. Then select them as custom Menus within the Widgets feature. That way you are not limited to the built in menu locations in your WordPress theme.

How to Manage Menus in WordPress Step by Step

1. Access the Menus page via the Menus link under the Appearance section of the sidebar in the WordPress admin panel.

2. Once on the Menus page, user can either create a new menu or manage an existing one. The image below shows the options available.

How to Manage Menus in WordPress


3. Once a menu is created, it can be added to the website via the Widgets page. Simply drag the “Custom Menu” widget from the group of available widgets to your active section, and then edit the options to choose what menu to display.

See more tutorials in the WordPress Handbook.

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