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Search Engine Optimization

How do we get traffic? More importantly how do we get targeted traffic? While there are a plethora of marketing techniques to try to create sales, how do we drive customers to those landing pages?

One option is paying for traffic through programs like Adwords. The other option involves going after key terms related to your niche in a search engine result.

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is essentially trying to get to the front page of relating search terms.

For example, if you are a real estate agent in Dallas, then you would like your website to show up when somebody searches for Dallas real estate agents.

Techniques To Improve Your SEO

There are 2 main factors in terms of SEO: on-site and off-site factors.

1. On-site factors – These factors include using correct heading tags within you websites design code, adding alt text to your images, and the organizational flow of your website.

2. Off-site factors – The most effective way to get to the front page for any search term is by building links that point back to the page you are trying to get ranked. When you have more sites link back to you, spiders think you are a popular and reputable source and will instantly bump that page higher up in the search engine results.

This can be done either through social bookmarking sites or through direct links from other blogs and websites.

How To Build Links

1. Create social network profiles – One way to create guaranteed quality links pointing back to your site is by creating profiles and linking from there.

2. Create a group project – Trying to get other websites to point back to you is no easy task. The best way to go about doing this is by creating a group project between you and other websites. Everybody will write an article and then link back to the articles of all the participant.

3. Post an interview – People love reading about themselves and then showing it off to others. Go out and find some reputable blogs > contact the owner or editor of the site > interview them > post the interview on your website > see interviewee link back to your page . Not only are you getting a link back to your site, but the quality is extremely high.

In terms of link building, quality is always better than quantity. So avoid wasting times with blogroll link exchanges and trivial tasks like that.

Bottom line: SEO is simply an offset of great content. The better your content > the more people that will link back to you > the better search engine traffic you get.

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