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Social Networking

The strongest form of marketing is word of mouth. The power of personal recommendation will ALWAYS do better than any form of commercial or persuasive sales technique.

In reference to the Internet, social networking allows one person the ability to easily share content with a host of people instantly. Obviously, the bigger your following the stronger your word of mouth is – this is also called your reach.

Today, websites like Facebook and Twitter have made it easy for anybody to set up a social networking presence in just a matter of minutes, but it is what you do with those profiles that really determines if your social marketing campaign will be beneficial to your business or just a waste of time. Check out a comprehensive list of social networking sites.

How To Create And Manage A Social Network Campaign

1. People want to see YOU – There are two things every user needs to add to their social network profile: a picture and real name. This is not the year 2000 anymore. If you are a running a true business there is no need to hide your identity.


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2. It is not about selling – Your social network campaign is not about selling anything. That part should just be an offset. Social networking is responsible for building your brand and engaging those interested in what you have to offer. Your sales page or whatever website you direct people to will do the selling.3. Stay focused – While there will always be some form of personal or just spontaneous comment, keep content posted to your social profile as focused as possible. If you sell flowers but end up talking about baseball all the time, odds are the followers you generate won’t be interested in the flowers you sell.

4. Social networking is about INTERACTION – Unless you are already a celebrity nobody will care about what you have to say. It is about interacting with those that have common interest and in time your following will increase.

Answer questions and ask your own. Make yourself look like an expert on a topic, while showing that you are approachable as well informative.

5. Promote those that take time to compliment you – Whether it is through a search on Twitter or Google, always take time to promote those people who say something nice about your business.

For example, if you notice somebody on Twitter says how great your product is, then retweet them. Not only will it show people following you that your product is awesome, but it will also help persuade others to talk nice about your product so they can get a retweet.

Remember, EVERYBODY wants more followers and being mentioned by somebody else is the fastest way to gain those followers.

6. Interlace all networks – While it may be sad, most people have profiles on multiple social networking sites. While ultimately they are all the same, each site has its pros and cons in terms of marketing. Make sure to link and send users from one social network to your profile on another.

Social networking is NOT easy and takes some work, but if you manage to crack the code, it is an amazingly effective and profitable venture.

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