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Video Marketing

Consider what you would rather do? Read an article or watch a video on the article? 80% of visitors will opt for the video.

Now consider this, what you would rather do? Write a long article trying to explain a complicated idea or just talk about it in a video using visual examples? 90% of webmasters will choose the video route.

Video marketing is the process by which a user creates a video on a certain topic and then uploads it to all the social video bookmarking sites possible. Depending on how good your video is, it can be a viral sensation and have traffic streaming to your landing page.

You don’t need expensive equipment

The biggest mistake people make when they jump into video marketing is going out and buying the most high-tech and expensive video equipment. Honestly, all you need to get started is a microphone and a web cam (which most computers come with). Don’t have any of those, then simply use your smartphone’s video capability. However, even the use of a phone will be much improved if you use a simple interface device with an added microphone, and a simple camera tripod or other steadying device.

Tips On Video Marketing

1. Create a transcript – While search engine spiders are getting smarter by the day, there is still no formidable way for these spiders to search the content of a video. Create a transcript and post it below your video to help your search engine optimization efforts.

2. Video marketing is not for everybody – The truth is that not everybody is meant to be behind the camera. Some people just have that it factor; however, that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t make a video. Consider making a Powerpoint with your voiceover.

3. Create video reviews on Amazon – Amazon recently launched a review feature that allows users to submit a review via video. This allows you to instantly access customers who are already looking for products. Be interesting and you could lead those viewers back to your website.

4. Let people into your world – One spot where video marketing really shines is that it lets the creator develop a relationship with the viewer much easier. The more you let people see what you are about, the more likely they are to convert on whatever you are trying to sell.

How to plan your video marketing strategy

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